Holly’s Poultry in Motion—Odd Name, Good Food

Holly's Poultry in Motion breakfast

My friend Victoria sent me a text a few days ago.  Apparently I needed to try breakfast at “Poultry in Motion” in White Rock.  Huh?  What kind of name is that?  Sounds like a butcher’s shop or a meat market that deals exclusively in fowl.  Do I really want to eat breakfast from a place called Poultry in Motion?

Of course I do!  Victoria always knows best!

Big Man and I decided to make a day of it.  We would pack a picnic and head out to White Rock for breakfast, check out the annual Spirit of the Sea Festival, and hang out at the beach all day.  Sounds like a perfect day, right?  Ha!

So we loaded up the car with beach blankets and towels, sunblock, and books to read in the sun.  We could already tell that it was going to be a blistering day.  As we left our place in Burnaby, I hesitated.  Should I take a sweater?  No, of course not.  No way, no how is it going to be anything but hot. Famous last words.

We headed over to our favourite butcher & deli, Kea’s.  Now if you haven’t been to Kea’s Meats & Deli, you are seriously missing out.  This little, family owned and operated Greek deli is an out-of-the-way gem.  If you live in South Burnaby, you have no excuse not to try this place.  They make THE BEST TZATZIKI IN THE LOWER MAINLAND.  Yes, that’s right, it is all-caps good.  I love Greek food and I’ve tried tzatziki in many a fine Greek restaurant and Kea’s is better.  They also make their own hummus and souvlaki skewers of chicken, lamb, beef, and salmon.

Kea's Meats & Deli

Kea's Meats & Deli is open every day except Sundays

Kea’s sells fresh white and whole wheat pita from the fabulous Zorba’s Bakery, which is also just around the corner (literally; less than 1 km away), although I recommend that you skip the middle man and go straight to Zorba’s whenever possible.  Unfortunately, “whenever possible” isn’t all that convenient as they hold traditional bakery hours, which is why I end up buying pita from Kea’s most of the time. Direct from Zorba’s, super-soft pita sells for $2.50/dozen and it doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Zorba's Bakery & Foods

Located in an industrial area, Zorba's Bakery & Foods always looks closed, even when it is open

I digress…Big Man and I grabbed fresh Portuguese buns, hot Genoa salami, provolone, aged cheddar, and marinated artichoke hearts from Kea’s.  We packed the goods in the cooler, alongside the Gatorade (gotta keep hydrated when you’re baking in the sun all day), and headed out to White Rock.

To our horror, White Rock was windswept and covered in clouds.  How could this happen?  It was hot in South Burnaby!  How could it be so cold here?  Suddenly angry with myself for wearing only a tank top and shorts, I was forced to shiver without a sweater.

We parked and walked against the wind down the main strip towards Holly’s Poultry in Motion.  This better be good, I thought.  We were greeted with a fortuitous omen as we approached: the place was packed.

Holly's Poultry in Motion

Holly's Poultry in Motion

We took the last two seats at the counter on the patio, right next to the open window, where we got a front row seat to the preparation of our dishes.  This spot also afforded us occasional blasts of warm air coming from the kitchen, which helped repel the chill from the wind.  The view would have been nice, if it wasn’t so cloudy.

View from Holly's Poultry in Motion's patio

Rain, Rain, go away. Come again some other day. ...Or not.

Holly’s Poultry in Motion is a help yourself restaurant.  We walked into the bustling joint and asked if we could sit on the patio.  The waitress said in a friendly tone, “Sit anywhere you want. Grab yourself some menus over there.  The coffee is right there; it’s serve yourself.”  This is my kind of place.  I would much rather serve myself coffee than wait for a busy waitress to do it for me.  We grabbed our own coffees and cutlery (each set wrapped in a unique, old-fashioned cloth napkin) and grabbed the patio seats before they were swept up by someone else.

The menu was your traditional breakfast menu.  However, I did notice that Holly’s sells the so-called “Best in the World Raspberry Muffin.”  Served with fruit and yogurt, this muffin goes for $10.  Ten bucks?! The price seems outrageous, but considering that the fine print states a limit of 4 muffins per customer per day “unless ordered in advance,” the muffins must be in high demand.  If they are in high demand, they must be worth the $10 price tag. Right?

Victoria had personally recommended the waffles.  She said Holly’s made each waffle to order, but that they only had one waffle iron, so be prepared to wait if I ordered waffles.  Considering that even more “high-end” brunch places like Medina often do not make their own waffles, I was interested to try one at Holly’s.  They were a little pricey, but I decided to spring for a half order with fresh strawberries and whipped cream for $7.00.  I also ordered a half order of The Big One, which comes with panfries, 1 egg, 1 slice “Holly’s Homemade Toast,” and a choice of ham, bacon, regular or spicy sausage, for $7.00.  Big Man got the full order of The Big One for $9.00.

Holy Holly, were the portions big!  Big Man’s meal came with a mound of scrambled eggs, a mound of potatoes, 4 thick slices of bacon, 2 eggs, and 2 slices of toast.  He said, “Hands down, this is the best bacon I’ve had at a restaurant…Reminds me of Kea’s.”  (Oh yeah, did I mention that you can get amazing bacon—sliced as thick or as thin as you like it—at Kea’s?)  Now this is quite the compliment coming from Big Man.  I tried it and, indeed, it was deeelish, but then again I am not the bacon expert that Big Man is. He would call himself a Bacon Connoisseur.

Holly's Poultry in Motion The Big One Breakfast

The Big One

My half order of The Big One didn’t exactly look like a half order.  It was also quite hefty.  My ham was particularly good: salty and delicious, just the way I like it.  The potatoes were soft and crispy at the same time, but I had to add a few shakes of salt as I am used to more seasoned breakfast potatoes like those served at Choppers Diner.  I definitely felt this was a steal of a deal at $7.00.

Holly's Poultry in Motion The Big One Half Order

Half Order of The Big One (I couldn't stop myself from taking a bite of my toast and ketchuping my potatoes before I took the pic)

Not too long after my half order of The Big One arrived, the waitress delivered my “half order” of “Wonderful Waffles.”  I expected it to be half of a waffle, but no, I got a full waffle fresh from the waffle iron.  Still warm, this waffle was light and crispy and mmm mmm good.  The strawberries were delicious.  Big Man tried it and wasn’t blown away, but I really liked this waffle and would probably want to get a full order next time.

Holly's Poultry in Motion Wonderful Waffles

Wonderful Waffles delivered warm from the waffle iron

After we finished our breakfasts and three more cups each of self-served coffee, we took a stroll along the beach. Not a leisurely stroll, but a man-is-it-cold-let’s-hurry-back-to-the-car sort of stroll along the beach.  I never thought I would ever say this, but I wanted to get back to Vancouver where it would be warm. So much for our picnic in the sun.

Holly’s Poultry in Motion

15491 Marine Drive

White Rock, BC


Holly's Poultry in Motion on Urbanspoon


Kea’s Meats & Deli

6616 Beresford Street

Burnaby, BC



Zorba’s Bakery & Foods

7173 Buller Avenue

Burnaby, BC


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