Waffle House: Adventures in Breakfast-eating

Waffle House Exterior

Recently, the family was feeling like a breakfast out. Unfortunately, Big Man had got up on the wrong side of the bed, so he didn’t feel like driving across town for breakfast. This meant that our usual haunt, Choppers Diner, was out of the question. And I didn’t feel like waiting the three hours that it takes for my husband to get going on a weekend morning, so I looked up the nearby greasy spoons and promised him he could shower as soon as we got home from breakfast (he’s very finicky about his morning showers). He begrudgingly agreed and I found Big Six on Urbanspoon, with an 84% approval rating.

Big Six was only about a 5-minute drive from our house, but as we parked, we got the sinking feeling that something was amiss.  It seemed familiar.  A sign on the window proclaimed the Trucker’s Breakfast.  “See,” I told Big Man, “You look like a trucker right now.  You’ll fit in.”  Then when we entered, the memories came flooding back.  We’d been to Big Six before and it did NOT impress.  No, if I had to sum up our previous experience at Big Six in one word, it would be “nasty.”  We walked out and got back in the car.  Now what?

We knew there were a couple of breakfast joints in New West on 6th Street, so we headed over there.  We drove by Waffle House.  I said, “Oh, we’ve been there; wait, maybe not.”  We peered at Orange Room a couple doors down and decided to try Waffle House.  We drove around a bit trying to find free parking.  As we wheeled our way through the alley behind Waffle House, a crack whore was buying some rocks from a dealer.  Nice.  Oh New West, you never disappoint.

We eventually found metered parking and coughed up a couple of loonies to park.  When we walked in, the fairly large restaurant was quite full with families and senior citizens out for a Sunday brunch.  Big Man, suddenly feeling insecure, said, “I think I should’ve showered for this.”  “No,” I said, pointing, “there are the crackheads from the alley. I think you’re fine. No one can even tell.  Especially not the crackheads.”  I’d like to point out that everyone else in the restaurant looked fairly normal.  Also, the crackheads didn’t stay for breakfast, but only to use the washroom.  We didn’t use the washroom.

The breakfast menu looked yummy, although it was definitely geared towards waffle and pancake lovers.  Fortunately, we love waffles, so we were pleased with the offerings.  Little Man ordered the Kids “Big Breakfast” for $6.25, which came with a waffle, 1 egg, 2 bacon or sausage, and a drink.  Big Man and I both settled on the Waffle House Special, which is 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 bacon strips, hashbrowns or pan fries, and a waffle with butter and syrup for $10.25.  We also added strawberries and whipped cream for an extra $2.25.  We’re talking about a $12.50 breakfast when all is said and done, but you are served one huge breakfast, so I’d say it is worth it.

Waffle House Special

Waffle House Special

And indeed, it was worth it.  I had seen the hashbrowns on a few others’ plates as we walked in and we definitely made the right choice going with the pan fries. The hash browns looked like your typical Denny’s-style hashbrowns, which I abhor. The pan fries, on the other hand, were alright, although not quite crispy enough.  The eggs were okay, but nothing special.  The bacon and sausage was tasty, but again, nothing that wowed me.

Waffle House Waffle with Strawberries and Cream

Waffle House Waffle with Strawberries & Cream

The waffle, however, was very good.  It is clear why it is called Waffle House: this is the place to get waffles!  Very light, delicious, and the right amount of interior soft and exterior crisp.  The strawberries and whipped cream were also a fantastic addition and I would recommend spending the extra couple of bucks for these sweet toppings.

The Waffle House is superior to Denny’s or IHOP, yet it remains an average family restaurant.  The difference is that it also makes a mean waffle.

Waffle House
636 6th Street
New Westminster, BC
Waffle House on Urbanspoon

2 Responses to “Waffle House: Adventures in Breakfast-eating”
  1. Karl says:

    As I’m only a few short stumbles from the Waffle House, I really ought to pay them a visit, at least for the waffles. It’s just that, for some reason, it’s New West’s geriatric hangout. An odd vibe. Jim’s, up the road, is consistently solid. My favorite, though, is the German Breakfast at the Fraser Park. It’s down at the foot of Byrne Road in Burnaby. Well worth the drive. Completely homemade breakfast meats. You get bacon, ham AND sausage with a three-egg pepper, onion and cheese scramble, hash browns and toast for $7.50. Unlimited coffee’s a buck.

    Loved your Meat Fighter series, BTW. Some good stuff. FYI, Burger Burger has mopped their floor. Your flip-flops will be safe.

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