Vancouver Bites’ first contest, Mixed Messages, is now closed

Acme Cafe Cherry Pie

The Mixed Messages contest is now closed.
Thank you to everyone who entered. The winner will be announced at some random time this week. Good luck!

Vancouver Bites’ first contest going on NOW!

Acme Cafe Cherry Pie

In celebration of gaining 300 Twitter followers and 18,000 views of my blog (ok, those are silly reasons; I just wanted a reason to celebrate), I will be offering a “mixed message” prize package.

Highlight on Hornby: Breakfast at the Bellaggio Cafe

Bellagio Cafe

Again, I have to say that Big Man makes better french toast. The flavour was lacking, or should I say that there was flavour, but just not the french toast flavour I expected.

Chambar Does Not Disappoint, Or how I spent my birthday weekend on an emotional rollercoaster


I tend to stretch my birthday from the actual date through the weekend following it, or from the weekend preceding it to the actual date, as was the case this year. Unfortunately, because my birthday was on the Monday, that meant that my birthday weekend was only a three-day weekend, which is not as good as when my birthday falls on a Wednesday.

Curry 2 U: Vancouver’s Best Fast Indian Food

Curry 2 U

He always doesn’t feel like it on the day that I feel like it. Any day that I feel like it. Every day that I feel like it. Every day, save two, since we’ve been married—that’s almost 8 years now.

Winter Farmers Market: The best way to spend a gloomy Vancouver Saturday

Vancouver Farmers Market

I’m a LOSER, not a winner, so this is a big deal for me…

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