Breakfast at Edible Canada is more than just “edible”

Granville Island Edible Canada

Did you miss me? Probably.

I haven’t posted in a long time. I know. I’ve been busy.

Also, I’ve been trying to lose my blogger fat. It’s like baby fat, but you don’t grow out of it. You do, however, grow out of your skinny jeans. I gained 30 pounds in my first year of food blogging. Since December, I’ve lost almost 20 of those pounds. But I’ve still got a ways to go.

That isn’t to say I’ve stopped eating. Oh no. But I have tried to limit eating out to once a week. Since I’m only eating out once a week, it’s hard not to keep going back to my old favourites. You know, those restaurants I’ve already posted on. Add to this the fact that I started a graduate studies program, and you can see I’ve got plenty of excuses not to post.

But a new breakfast joint has brought me back to you, dear Reader. OK, it’s not actually that new and it’s not a breakfast joint, but their new-to-me breakfasts make me happy. And they are very reasonably priced. A bonus for all you like-minded cheapskates out there.

It’s Edible Canada. Located on Granville Island, this is classy, yet casual, (classual?) dining at a very affordable price. I don’t actually know how they do it. Rent has got to be a killer.

Take, for example, my favourite: Breakfast Tacos. Three corn tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, avocado crema, and FRESH salsa for only $9. A steal to be sure.

Breakfast Tacos, $9

Or the hearty Island Breakfast for $11. This meal comes with scrambled eggs, sausage, pork belly, and home fries fried in duck fat. Oh yeah, they’re gooood.

Island Breakfast, $11

If you want to fill up on even less, try the Granville Island Breakfast Bun. For only $7, you get a round panini-style breakfast sandwich filled with melted smokehouse cheddar and scrambled eggs, as well as a substantial side of the duck fat fried potatoes.

Granville Island Breakfast Bun, $7 (pictured with a side of double smoked bacon, $3)

If you want to live high on the hog, you can add a side of sausage or bacon for $3 (get it? get it?).

Now, if you’re not a grad student like me, you might be able to order just anything from the menu, without even thinking of the price. I do admit that I splurged once and got the Yarrow Meadows Duck Confit Hash for…gulp…$14.

Yarrow Meadows Duck Confit Hash, $14

I almost broke the bank that day, but it was so worth it! Two poached Fraser Valley eggs perched on a hash of roasted potatoes, wild mushrooms, corn, and onions. This meal was packed with duck meat and practically dripping with duck fat.

Mmmm duuuuuck

Delicious, but dangerous. Not only is it very rich, you might die of a coronary. At least you will die happy.

I highly recommend sharing this with a friend. Maybe you can pair it with their fruit and yogurt parfait, which seems like a much healthier option (though probably not as good!).

Big Man says the breakfasts are good, but a little pretentious. I heartily disagree. I don’t know of another place that serves up ingredients of this quality at such a reasonable price. Plus, service is friendly even when you arrive sweaty from your morning bike ride. If you haven’t been, check it out!

Edible Canada at the Market
on Granville Island
1596 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC
Edible Canada at the Market on Urbanspoon

One Response to “Breakfast at Edible Canada is more than just “edible””
  1. Nikki says:

    That sounds so freaking good!!! Wish I lived somewhere in the vicinity, to be sure.

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