India Base: Two Saucy Sisters and a Dream

India Base in action

Do you love Indian cuisine? If you don’t, you are no friend of mine.

Curry 2 U: Vancouver’s Best Fast Indian Food

Curry 2 U

He always doesn’t feel like it on the day that I feel like it. Any day that I feel like it. Every day that I feel like it. Every day, save two, since we’ve been married—that’s almost 8 years now.

Highlight on Hornby: Panz Veggie

Panz Veggie Wonton Soup

Vegan? Oh hell no. This is all about the hot beef injection. I’m gonna die of a cow hormone overdose.

The Friday Dish: Turkey time at Stock Up, once-a-year Japanese Farmers Market, more scary closures, and the best Chicken Bulgogi ever

Rakuraku Chicken Bulgogi

Put your hands together…and then wash them vigorously.

Vancouver Bites into Powell Street Festival


Who doesn’t need a sock monkey?

Thai House Royale: what to eat on Sundays when Lhy Thai is closed

Thai House Royale Spring Rolls

This was their last night in Vancouver and I wanted to make it special, but they felt like Thai and Lhy Thai is closed on Sundays! Ahhh! “This is my nightmare!”

Banana Leaf in Kitsilano, Round One

Banana Leaf Jumbo Scallops

This is going to be my most boring post ever. Why? Because the food at Banana Leaf in Kitsilano was kind of just…meh. How can you make “meh” exciting? You can’t. Do you understand, Reader? I cannot make this post exciting!

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