Vancouver Bites’ Best of Vancouver, featuring Mac and Cheese

Rogue Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

I had the sad realization today that I haven’t written a Mac post in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t stopped eating mac’n’cheese; I just haven’t blogged about it.

So without further ado, here are my current favourite Vancouver Macs.

The Mac Shack Love Attack

The Mac Shack

Obviously, no self-respecting reviewer would publish a review based on a Grand Opening experience. Of course, I don’t have any self-respect, but I still waited to write the review.

Eight 1/2 knows its Mac

Eight 1/2 Mac'n'Cheese

We were greeted by an expressionless and monotone waitress droid, but I was so happy to be spending some time with my coworkers outside of work that I didn’t really notice too much.

Only U can make a pretty good Mac

Only U Macaroni and Cheese

What that means is that I’ve been eating UBC food for over four years now. Sometimes, when I think about my food options at UBC, I want to puke. Ugh. I’ve eaten everything 100 times and I am just so bored of it all. Naturally, I was shocked to learn that there is a little diner on campus that I had never even heard of. How is that possible?

Move over Burgoo—Candace’s Baked Mac has you beat

Candace's Baked Mac

Once I got Candace to send me the recipe, I realized my original comment—that it is not that hard to make a good Mac’n’Cheese—was a little naïve.

Not Without My Hot Sauce: Burgoo serves up a bland Mac’n’Cheese

Mac with hot sauce

I love Guinness. If I can both eat it and drink it at the same time—which is possible at Burgoo—then in good conscience, I am obligated to do so.

Acme Mac: Vancouver’s Best Mac’n’Cheese?

Acme Mac: Not Your Ordinary Mac'n'Cheese

I am about to make a bold claim: I have found the so-titled “Best Mac in Vancouver…So Far.” The Acme Café has now set the standard for Macaroni and Cheese. From here on out, all Macs will be compared with the Acme Mac.

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