Bonchaz Bakery: Your New Soup + Sandwich Shop

Bonchaz Bakery Avocado & Brie Sandwich 2

The dining pass is a soup, sandwich, and bonchaz for $6.50. Say whaaaaaaa?! Yep, SIX FIFTY! This is a steal, folks. A damn steal. Go buy one now. Seriously.

Chambar Does Not Disappoint, Or how I spent my birthday weekend on an emotional rollercoaster


I tend to stretch my birthday from the actual date through the weekend following it, or from the weekend preceding it to the actual date, as was the case this year. Unfortunately, because my birthday was on the Monday, that meant that my birthday weekend was only a three-day weekend, which is not as good as when my birthday falls on a Wednesday.

Highlight on Hornby: Panz Veggie

Panz Veggie Wonton Soup

Vegan? Oh hell no. This is all about the hot beef injection. I’m gonna die of a cow hormone overdose.

Burgoo, Round Two

Soup and Sandwich at Burgoo

The grilled cheese sandwiches and creamy, tomatoey bisque, brimming with crab meat, are what keep me going back again and again.

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