Cray-zy for Cray Kitchen + Bar

Cray Kitchen + Bar

Despite my mother’s Southern roots, I’ve never had crawfish. Texas ≠ Louisiana and, apparently, there are some gaps in my knowledge and experience of Southern food. Having Emily with me filled those gaps. Also, she is very entertaining and I need to be constantly entertained.

Vancouver Bites’ Best of Vancouver, featuring Mac and Cheese

Rogue Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

I had the sad realization today that I haven’t written a Mac post in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t stopped eating mac’n’cheese; I just haven’t blogged about it.

So without further ado, here are my current favourite Vancouver Macs.

Breakfast at Edible Canada is more than just “edible”

Granville Island Edible Canada

Delicious, but dangerous. Not only is it very rich, you might die of a coronary. At least you will die happy.

Roundel Cafe: No Crazy This Day

Roundel Cafe

I told my husband that I was taking him to a place where people complained about service and hit-or-miss menu items. High off our visit to his favourite breakfast place the weekend before, he was not pleased. “Why can’t we just go to Choppers?” He asked. “Because,” I replied, “I need to do a review and I’ve already reviewed Choppers.” My cold, hard heart was not softened by his puppy-dog eyes. We went to Roundel Cafe.

Banana Leaf in Kitsilano, Round One

Banana Leaf Jumbo Scallops

This is going to be my most boring post ever. Why? Because the food at Banana Leaf in Kitsilano was kind of just…meh. How can you make “meh” exciting? You can’t. Do you understand, Reader? I cannot make this post exciting!

La Taqueria—F*ing Taco Shop, Or how I lost my good car insurance rate


And then, my husband pointed at what had been the old Nuba location on Hastings St. and yelled, “Look! La Taqueria!” Those words were like a siren’s song to my ears. I lost all control of my body. Time slowed. My eyes widened and my pulse raced; I could hear the woosh-woosh-woosh in my ears. I turned to follow my husband’s pointing finger and cried, “Where?!”

Only U can make a pretty good Mac

Only U Macaroni and Cheese

What that means is that I’ve been eating UBC food for over four years now. Sometimes, when I think about my food options at UBC, I want to puke. Ugh. I’ve eaten everything 100 times and I am just so bored of it all. Naturally, I was shocked to learn that there is a little diner on campus that I had never even heard of. How is that possible?

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